The Film

In 1993 'Warrior Nun Areala' was released and quickly found a cult audience. Ben Dunn's graphic novel published over 100+ issues, earned a readership of 1,000,000+, and was translated into 5 languages: Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Italian. An underground classic was born. 

Producers Dean English and Robert Burke approached Ben about adapting the graphic novel into a film and upon hearing about their ideas and the calibre of the assembled team, Ben gave his blessings.   The Warrior Nuns were now one step closer to their big screen glory. 

With Helsinki based director AJ Annila overseeing the entire process, concept designers Henry Fong and Brendan Heffernan joined classically trained painter Lukasz Trzcinski to begin visually creating a cinematic world.   The designed and created everything from possible scenes in the film to our own version of a 1300 year old 'Origins' text for the Warrior Nuns.  

Screenwriter Simon Barry is now working hard and boldly redefining the fast emerging Nun-Action genre. Having served as writer and executive producer on Van Hesling reboot for SYFY,  creator and show-runner of the Continuum series as well show-runner for SYFY's Ghost Wars, Simon is one of Canada's hottest screenwriters

Not to be left out of the fun, Ben Dunn just had to join in.  But not how he expected!  




A test shoot was organized in Poland to flesh out the atmosphere, tone, VXF, fighting style and possible locations for the film. Organized by Kris Solek and the awesome team at Film Polska, it was a grand success. 

Below are some behind-the-scenes stills from the shoot. 

What has brought everyone to work on this film is their desire to see it - some bad-ass Warrior Nuns doing the Lord's dirty work - and to have fun doing it. For all those who share these lofty and highly achievable goals, you are welcome to join the team. Just get ahold of the team and see if you have the skills needed to fight all sorts of nasty evil... and keep a smile while doing it.  

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