The Team

With credits ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to multiple selections at the world's top film festivals, our team have begun to enhance and re-imagine the Warrior Nun universe. Director AJ Annila and writer Simon Barry are ensuring that the Warrior Nuns will have some nasty surprises as they jump from page to the big screen..  

Director:  AJ Annila

With the first Scandinavian martial arts film Jade Warrior, and the highly tonal Sauna,  AJ demonstrated his talent for blending stylistic action and atmosphere. As a self confessed comic-geek (with a secret pleasure in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'), his films have won 5 Finnish Oscars.  

Screenwriter: Simon Barry

Currently writing the female led Van Hesling reboot for SYFY, Simon is one of Canada's hottest screenwriters. Past credits include creator and show-runner of the Continuum series as well as scripts for studios such as Dreamworks and Paramount. With CBS having just hired Simon to adapt the zombie novel Dead Man Walking into a series, he will soon be ready for the Warrior Nuns...  

Producer:  Dean English

In serving as producer and executive producer, Dean's productions include Kissed, Falling Angels and the stop-motion animated feature Edison & Leo. He has been nominated for a Grammy and his films have played in festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Sundance and Annecy. 

Producer: Robert Burke

With a background in specialized in marketing, Robert has overseen the world-wide theatrical marketing campaigns for films ranging from Clint Eastwood's Academy award winning Million Dollar Baby to the $100+ Million dollar grossing action franchise Underworld.

Comic Author: Ben Dunn

Best known for his two long running series 'Ninja High School' and 'Warrior Nun', Ben has become renowned as the Godfather of American Manga. As founder of Antarctic Press in 1984, he was at the forefront in bringing Manga to American comic fans.

Concept Designer: Henry Fong 

Henry's unique talent for creating expansive and detailed digital paintings led him to work with esteemed directors as Guillermo del Toro, Bryan Singer and Tarsem Singh. His projects include The Amazing Spiderman 2X-Men, and Pacific Rim... but he has a soft spot for the Nuns.

Concept Designer: Brendan Heffernan

Brendan's talent for capturing the essence and emotion of a scene led him to becoming a key part of Peter Jackson's team doing the concept art for The Hobbit trilogy. In spite of other credits including The Chronicles of Narnia and Man of Steel,  Sister Shannon could take him in a fight no problem.  

Concept Designer: Lukasz Trzcinski

Classically trained in painting, Lukasz' tools include pencil, brush and gold leaf as he will undertake the creation of the Origins book for the Warrior Nuns. Just how would the Warrior Nun's original texts from 1300 years ago appear today? Good question.

Original Screenwriters:  Iiro Kuttner & Melissa Rundle

With numerous scripts to their credit, they laid the foundation for a script that every fan of the fast emerging Nun-Action genre will love.

Service Producer:  Kris Solek and Film Polska

The impossible made possible when it comes to feature film production in Poland. Say no more.  

Associate Producer: Ashley Garib

With a background in real estate & financing, Ashley’s film experience includes Executive Producer on the doc Tempest Storm and Associate Producer on Lilith on Top and Looking for Leonard.