Is the TV series in animation or live action?

Live Action.

Who will star in the TV series?

  1. Alba Baptista as Ava

  2. Toya Turner as Shotgun Mary

  3. Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent

  4. Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius

  5. Kristina Tonteri-Young as Young Sister Beatrice

  6. Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith

  7. Emilio Sakraya as JC

  8. Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Duretti[2]

  9. Sylvia De Fanti as Mother Superion

When will the feature film be shot?

The feature film is on hiatus until the completion of the Netflix series.

Are there T-Shirts or Prints of the artwork available?

Not yet - they will be made available shortly so stay tuned. 

What happens if the TV series is lame and ruins the spirit of the Graphic Novels?

The Sisters will never let that happen….

If I join the WARRIOR NUN COMMUNITY, will I be a better person?